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Awaiting for a Grammy During that time the traffic will likely increase and you’ll get a bunch of “good packets” to re-inject. Joking aside, your comments are showing that you do not grasp completely the concept behind the handshakes, what is a deauth or a flood. Pranjal September 6, at 6: MidAutumn is supposed to have WPA2 encryption. Nevertheless, Thanks for reminding me to do some dusting. Anonymous September 5, at 8:

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IVs also still at zero Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

KisMac: Could not load Monitor Mode for Airport Extreme. Drivers were not found.

Admin March 5, at 7: Could not instantiate Driver. Working very well as a matter of fact. I plan on working my way through most of the rest of your blog over ne next week as things like this fasinates me.


Kusmac, extra copies of the network have far less packets than the first ones to show up. Also, if you can return the hawking, do it now.

Mac Tips and “How To” On a Mac: Kismac: The Ultimate WiFi Stumbler

Because I can run , passwords in 40 seconds, and it’s explained in the blog Admin November 26, at 6: You should see the data flying up. Thanks for any help! Shoot me an email It depends on type of encryption: The Deauthenticate attack speeds up the process of D-auth.

Retrieved from ” https: KisMac2 was project to continue development but is no longer maintained as well. Hi, i tried, and i recover It could also be a bug.

As previously explained in the blog, de-hauthentication forces the AP to re send the authentication frames, hence de-cloaking.

The wireless chipset used in the MBP does not support packet injection. I was having a nice cup of Joe when I read your post: Your Asus is not a “cracking too” it’s a Network Adapter” it only transmit data.


I have set up both a linksys and a 2wire routers, both with 40bit keys and both on channel 11 so I can collect packets simutaniously.

Take a look at the “nota bene on dic file” Using real Bruteforce a,aa,aaa,aaaa, Wayne Dyer b Me September 24, at 2: Lot’s of info extrdme injection aorport deauthenticating, more about purchasing chipsets off amazon and ebay. The OS X drivers don’t I think, but the chipset itself does.

Anonymous July 11, at You can’t possibly have tried. Admin May 7, at 8: Channels 12,13,14 are not used in the US.

That’s the purpose of it: Yes, you are correct. Me February 11, at 5: