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RAID-1 with two and three hard drives. People talk about changing some settings there, but I just can’t find the right software that will work. Yes, but beware because you might run into problems with older distributions. Motherboard RAID array formatted as ext4. Do you want three drives in RAID-1 for extra redundancy? RAID-0 using two hard drives.

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Some more details on my setup: If something goes wrong with the array and you need to administer it, you must exit Linux and reboot.

The simplest things are sometimes the best. Sign up using Wb950 and Password.

Recently, just last 2 weeks, I did some upgrades. If I go into computer management it says my partition is on a disk and working OK.

This site uses cookies. Linux Disks utility benchmark is used so we can see the performance graph.

SOLVED – AMD SB950 Raid-0 Poor Performance – SOLVED

sh950 Can anybody confirm that INFO? You can still create encrypted Veracrypt file volumes on a motherboard RAID array just like you can create any other sb95. This section is where all the old pages have been moved. It may well be of interest to people running old systems, but shouldn’t be in the main section where it may confuse people. Quote message in reply?


So this section will house documentation about how the internals of the raid subsystem works.

Now that’s what the manual tells You: In order to be able to post messages on the Overclock. I installed Win 7 Ultimate 64 on it, got all the drivers i could find in place and stared testing. The correct SATA port arrangement is: Programs loaded and files copied in about the same amount of time. Extraneous material should be trimmed.

raid – How to fix missing RAID1 drive – Super User

I doble checked the fine print on the board as well as in MoBo documentation to make sure wchich port is waht number.

But life moved on and having tried to provide limux info, the info became out of date again. Display posts from previous: During regular ljnux, Xubuntu What are the differences? One or more CRCs don’t match. I understand I will have to secure erase the drives to not loose any more performance. All Disks benchmarks are x10M by default unless noted as 6xM. Do you want to proceed?


Gigabyte Auros Master Z – K 5. There was a philosophy famously espoused by Microsoft, especially in their Office Open XML Specification that “the code is the documentation” or “the code is the specification”. And that everything that is relevant in should have been copied into the above pages.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Proper hardware RAID systems are presented to linux as a block device and there’s no coverage of them yet in this wiki.

I read a lot people have issues like me on other forums, but nowhere I did find an answer or solution that would help. This makes mdadm the winner. Comments 0 Leave a comment.