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If you want to do debugging run the browser from the terminal. The provided Ubuntu packages may work fine, but if not, it is recommended you fetch the latest mol directly from the sourceforge project and install following the included documentation: Press TAB at the yaboot prompt to find these. WebM can be played in Firefox 4 and beyond, Opera, Midori, rekonq and Epiphany, but for me the playback is choppy similar to gnash. The updated driver has made it into the upcoming Ubuntu Do a quick check of your hardware! If you’d like to contribute content, let us know.

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Lubuntu does not use the Ubuntu Software Centre by default. However, if you want to disable the splash screen it is better to use one of the nosplash options on the CD if you can.

Now type fakeroot make-kpkg clean then start compiling: Some motherboards have more than one processor on them, and some processors have ubunti cores. You may not get the full benefits of speed and lightness by installing many environments at the same time. Once you have made empty space on the disk i. You can check if a framebuffer is working by booting into single user mode.


First of all, this card is ancientand you should really just upgrade. See also the persistence afi text-installer instructions below. If your computer is like this, then the SMP kernel is for you. Some platforms like PowerPC have issues with those, and they aren’t necessary unless you have a real text mode in console.

Linux drivers for old graphics card?

Ubunty tested with Ubuntu As I describe above, I disable the icedtea Java plugin completely without any loss of function to me. I’m using Vector Linux similar to Slackware and I have xfvideo-ati and xfvideo-r packages installed.

The touchpad may aati unresponsive or the cursor moves in “steps” 90 degree movements which make it difficult to use.

Here is what Apple have to say. Another way – and by far the least destructive – is to boot directly from the ISO file.

Remember to backup any important data before making changes to partitions. You may want to try a live image ubuuntu one of those first, to see if the issues you’re wanting to fix still occur there. Are you new to LinuxQuestions. This holds any release specific workarounds.

New users who are not used to their fan coming on think there is something wrong with their fan settings. An alternative is DOSBox. I removed the lines from xorg. Note, the KMS radeon framebuffer will be listed in logs as radeondrmfb.


HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsAti – Ubuntu Wiki

This is the driver 18 question, it promises to be the end of my graphics troubles with my old Rage card. Originally Posted by elprawn.

So, I then changed that to the nouveau driver, which increased the acceleration speed, but it was still not great. When you are finished, keep hitting ESC to exit and say ‘Yes’ you want to save. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that you feel encouraged to try out things on your own. Use Enter to activate choices.

Originally Posted by jdkaye You should check with Code: Due to this bug you will probably have to boot the ISO through openfirmware with your device.

Why is the software centre or update manager so slow? Since pbbuttonsd is probably ubyntu started, but unable to control the backlight without i2c-dev loaded, perform the following steps: Threepwood Senior Member Nov 15,