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But you can also use Windows Update. Now I can do my backup and move forward with Windows Updates, which before today, have left me hanging at every turn. Office Office Exchange Server. Popped the cd in, clicked the update driver button and pointed it to the cd drive. I was seeing the same symptom as the very first post.

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I had this same error.

Resources for IT Professionals. Such issues include folders, AERO, toolbars, etc. Install the ACPI driver utility. When I downloaded them they were labeled Beta.

deviice Windows Vista Desktop UI. I downloaded this file and created its own folder for it, and then I traversed thru the file by double clicking on the unzipped file until I got to the level for bit that had a file named AsAcpiIns, which is an application. However, I was also experiencing a fairly persistent system hang whenever I tried to copy a file to or from a network share, or when sharing a folder and reading or writing to it from another computer.


But, when I launch Windows Update, it does not find acpl for me to install. I double clicked on that file, and it let me extract the files from the zip file into the folder.

Download ACPI Driver for ATK 0110 virtual device

Choose your motherboard and download proper driver. Friday, June 1, 7: Popped the cd in, clicked the update driver button and pointed it to the cd drive.

In fact the other computer could simply be a virtual machine running on this same computer.

When I checked, everything was working normally for the new entry. Description Windows detected a new device attached to your computer, but could not find the driver software it needs to make the device usable.

Andrew, i’m usin XP x64 me self.

SYS file I knew that I was in business. Wednesday, June 15, Friday, June 29, 1: Sunday, October 11, 6: This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Hope this helps someone.

Once I was able to traverse the unzipped files and come into a. Keeping my fingers crossed!

ACPI driver for ATK virtual device /P5W DH Deluxe | Motherboard Forums

Windows Vista Desktop UI https: It installed without a problem, and I haven’t experienced the now for several hours I could make it happen very consistently before. Asus P5B, everyone who have this motherboard have this issue doesn’t matter if is Deluxe or other id product Windows Vista IT Pro.


I think I somehow had been ato the drivers from that CD before today, which may account for my system hangs.

After installing the driver and then rebooting, I checked my devices, and the unknown device no longer appeared, but the device ATK ACPI Utility appeared under my System Devices and was highlighted.

Under the chipset tab you find three files that you can download. Sign in to vote.

Tuesday, July 6, 4: I certainly hopes this solves my hanging problem. Saturday, November 29, 6: Tuesday, July 7,