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Disc golf sidearm vs Baseball sidearm. In my eyes the best discs for a controlled sidearm is anything overstable, as it feels similar to a “normal” throw. I prefer the TeeRex because the depth of the rim fits my fingers the best. Nearly every disc is a good sidearm disc. Send a private message to 5QUY. Put a little punch on this disc and watch it start out on a hyzer line and then flip straight, covering a lot of ground in the process.

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Refer to these images as a guide.

Seriously you will benefit from it. The TeeRex just feels the best after it is beat in some.

The Best Discs for Throwing Forehand – Innova Disc Golf

Send a private message to Stable. Find all posts by TripleC Average distance variance between putter, mid, fairway and distance driver.

It is stable enough to trust but slow enough that you need decent form. I think it is sometimes forgotten among all of the other Innova discs.


I am really hoping to perfect my throw this year. That being said higher speed discs like the Tern will do this stuff more drastically on bad releases, so it’s actually dksc of good for really apparent feedback on bad throws. This is the right and good answer to all questions of this nature.

Best forehand disc? : discgolf

Originally Posted by thirtydirtybirds Throw the FD. So regardless of whether forehand is a small part of your game, or most of it, you need discs you can count on to pull it off. Disc Golf Review Archive. Submit a gofl link. Send a private message to KelReeves.

The variable is your skill level. However, I have also been trying lately the Riot. I like the way distance drivers feel throwing front hand. If you have disc golf questions, chances are they may have been asked before.

Ok if the Tern is too understable then a Shryke is a good step up as a high speed driver and still great for max D. Was a Rampage as well, but I dumped all high-speed drivers and I’ve yet to find a fairway that I can flick. Star plastic is butter, glow bedt is nice too.


I still suggest the below discs for overall use and consistency. Best Forehand Distance Driver Beginner: Find all posts by KatanaFrenzy. If you want to improve, the usual advice is to practice with slightly understable mids and fairway drivers. The main subreddit for all things related to the sport of disc besy

Keller Double Eagle Member. I usually go for a hole-in-2 with my FD afterwards. New to the sport? Find all posts by BIgNik. Originally Posted by thirtydirtybirds.


Advertisements allowed at the discretion of the moderators. While you are at it throw your putters forehand as well. PlayByPlay NateSexton with the perfect sidearm drive to secure the birdie on the 18th.