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I’m really torn trying to categorize this camera as a winner or a loser. Panorama Mode Sets up the camera to record up to nine images in secession to compose a panoramic image. In the Record menu, this button switches between the normal and Details menu systems. When I first got into digital cameras about 4 years ago, one of the first I ever used was a Casio QV We found both the Quick Shutter mode and this memory-usage feedback very useful in our shooting: The QVSX goes the extra mile though: Overall, the QVSX turned in a very good performance.

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You can even read the tail number!

Here’s a quick rundown of the major camera features; see the individual sections of the full review for more detail.

We’d loved to xasio seen an option for external flash on the QV, given the extraordinary flexibility it offers otherwise. Unlike the EV adjustment setting, the metering setting can not only persist casoi shot to shot, but from one shooting session to the next, even if the camera is powered down in the interim. The fact that the lens doesn’t protrude very much from the camera body is another plus, keeping the entire camera qv-8000sxx compact and pocketable for large pockets, at least.

Additionally, program modes such as Night Scene, Portrait and Landscape save time when shooting in special situations. Its fully-automatic exposure mode is perfect for novices, yet it offers one of the broadest range of exposure options of any camera we’ve tested.


The default set, providing a somewhat simpler interface, but more limited functions, and the “Details” version, which gives access to the camera’s more advanced features. Focus options include Manual and Infinity modes. Infinity mode sets the focus at infinity for quick shooting of far away subjects. When it’s time to view the photos, it’s easy casoo. The QV is actually fairly quick, as digicams go: In the menu system, both aperture and shutter speed have entries with options of “Auto”, or several manual settings.

Steves Digicams – Casio QVSX User Review

It’s up to the user to determine whether or not he can live with the limitations of this camera — there’s no denying that Sharp has sold one helluva lot of LCD-only camcorders. The rest of the controls are on the back, below the color LCD.

As noted, color was very good, with clean primaries, good handling of pastels and decent saturation. Multi-pattern, spot and center weighted exposure metering options.

The four different card browser formats let you choose how much information is recorded with each image a very detailed chart qv-0800sx the manual explains the settings.

Zoom Control Located on the front of the camera, about where your right index finger would wrap around the grip, this slide control operates the zoom lens. Once recorded in monochrome, images cannot be converted back to color. But as soon as I took it out for some real wv-8000sx plane watching at SFO and then the races at Laguna Secathings went downhill. Test Results In keeping with our standard policy, our comments here are rather condensed, summarizing our key findings: Mode Dial Located on top of the camera, this notched dial selects between the following modes: This would be a good point to talk about the QV’s absolutely amazing low-light capability: Programmed modes such as Night Scene, Portrait and Landscape set up the camera for special shooting, saving time with preset options.


There were two features we’d really have liked to see on the QV In the Record menu, qv-8000sd button switches between the normal and Details menu systems. In fact, that’s what I did this time for the gallery.

QV-8000SX Manual

The good news here though, is that its flash is qv-8000zx “single pop” design, producing only a single flash in normal operating mode. To capture moving action, the movie recording mode records up to 10 second movies in x pixel AVI format. Flash is unavailable in this mode and focus and exposure settings are locked with the first image. Capture Mode, half pressed shutter.

Panorama Mode Sets up the camera to record up to nine images in secession to compose a panoramic image. In this section, qqv-8000sx show the default menu first, followed by some of the sub-menus from the Details mode. Pressing the Display button with the Playback menu up pulls up the basic playback menu, offering all of the above options except for the Protect and Screen Saver settings.