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Page 3 Presario Series Models: Replace the TouchPad and retest. The TouchPad needs to be cleaned. There is a XL with model number “12XL” too. Disconnect the flex cable from the ZIF connector on the system board and remove the keyboard. Page 36 Presario Series Models: Page 10 Presario Series Models:

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PC Card modem or fax card does not work. Page 22 Presario Series Models: Run Computer Setup and set diskette as first to boot.

Hibernation Hibernation helps conserve battery life and protect data. Page 96 Presario Series Models: Compaq chose to go with a Lucent modem, which has certain advantages, because a beta version of a binary-only driver written by Lucent is available from http: The cable is a 6-strand ribbon variety, and therefore soldering is all but impossible.

HP Compaq Presario,Presario 1200 Supplementary Manual

I’ve been unable to get either of these drivers to support MIDI, except through TiMidity, which produces comapq very raspy sound quality because of the conversion from to 8-bit sound. In addition, you may need to upgrade XFree86 if you use a distribution that’s less up-to-date than the XFree86 3.


To remove the palmrest cover with TouchPad, complete the following steps: Replace the TouchPad or mouse. To replace the upper CPU cover, reverse these procedures. Diskette Drive Cable 1b. For simplicity’s sake, I used only two logical partitions for Linux: Page 74 Presario Series Models: They also came with on-board JBL stereo speakers and Synaptics touchpads.


This works fine when running the 2. Symbols The following words and symbols mark special messages throughout this guide. When I first wrote this web page, less than a month ago, I concluded that the Pesario Presario XL is less than ideal as a Linux platform, but that it’s likely to improve in the near future.

Everything now works, although to get to this state, it’s necessary to engage in some gymnastics with drivers.

Compaq Presario 1200

Solving Hard Drive Problems Some common causes and solutions for hard drive compaw are listed in the following table. Ensure that all cables are proplerly and securely connected. Page 8 Presario Series Models: Page 77 Presario Series Models: Hard drives ranged from 3.

Remove two screws from the hard drive mounting bracket and lift out the hard drive with mounting bracket attached. RTC battery is dead. Some of these power jacks appear to have been blown in half due to some sort of short; others rip their copper traces off of the motherboard due to stress placed on the power jack.


When servicing this notebook, ensure that cables are placed in their proper location during the reassembly process. Follow these steps to run Computer Checkup: The main utility that deserves discussion is apmdwhich works fine with the 2.

Page 75 Presario Series Models: Disconnect AC power and any external devices. With the release of ALSA 0. Device driver is not correclty installed in Windows. Screens were the same, cases were highly similar and many components were interchangeable with those of the such as the LCD inverters, processors and housing. Black portions of the switch diagrams above indicate the position of the switch.