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So have my 5. In shortened, and slightly rewritten, form , the code should be as follows I changed the code to return a List of strings: Unsubscribe from the handler and you will no longer be asked if you want to send data: I have done so a few years ago and was shocked how much of a pain that is at least on a Windows plattform. I have gone thru a few examples and libraries that are available out there and always found that if not one then a few features were missing.

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But it cshatp all the heavy lifting for you and offers a nice, clean, truely C interface for you to work with HID devices. Hope that helps Lukas.

How to Communicate with its USB Devices using HID Protocol

DeviceDiscovery-FindHidDevices selects the first one it encounters. In Florian’s project, take a look at TestFixture. Post as a guest Name. Your email address will not be published. Great code; saved me lots of time and helped me understand the HID interface.


C# USB HID Utility

Request data from device this is where the program normally hangs – while writing to the USB port. I tend to have a problem with the read portion, but as follows: Hi, I am having trouble with the USB class when using the system repeatedly.

A last resort may be to have some sort of watchdog function This function will be called at the textchanged event. I would like your feedbacks.

Using it with win 8. Always though if you can wrap something up in a few sentences, why write an essay about it. Member 5-Aug Or as true real-time as it can be.

It does not solve my Problem, but it answers my question. Please Sign up or sign in to vote.

Hi Szymon, Arcording to comments of Vivchun and Petticord, I revised the code, but it still can not send commandmessage or send message, the error is: See ush web site http: It also lacks some functionality such as the ability to list available devices. It helped me out a lot on what I’m working on.


Because I am facing the same problem on windows 7 64 bit. My solution is now based on VisualStudio Community which is available for free and. What do I need to do to fully reset the USB system to prevent overlapping threads?

C# USB HID Utility | soldernerd

Member Feb 1: Good job on the code. How to add them to the project?

At least I can say that this is not a known bug. For those still interested in this stack please have a look at a post in my other article here: They seem to work reliably on any of these.

My vote of 5 Joe Woodbury 5-Aug When Usn press the Toggle Led button, the event isnt raised. Very simple but all you need to get started with your own device and application. Hi Sean Thanks for your message.