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These are documents that are displayed the first time ScanTango is run or registered and offer some tips and suggestions on getting started with ScanTango. If you experience problems scanning a particular page, turn this feature OFF and rescan. However, this means that during registration it must prompt the user to enter an administrator password so that it can write the registration data to this folder. As you can see, we have changed to a drag and drop install – this should eliminate permissions problems experienced by some users with our previous method using the Apple Installer application. This allows you to create custom filters to achieve exactly the degree of compression you wish to be applied to your PDF files. Photo – Media Size: The ultrasonic double-feed detection built in to these scanners is supported by ScanTango.

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This allows you to create custom filters to achieve exactly the degree of compression you wish to be applied to your PDF files. Issues remain that we hope will be resolved with upcoming OS X You can view the license at any time using the new “Show License However, if you have not yet registered ScanTango or if your registration is for a lower tier 4655 scanners, all images scanned will show a gentle ‘Please Register Scantango!

Before saving, PDF pages may be displayed larger or smaller than expected – however, the image in the PDF is saved as it was scanned at the proper size and resolution. The default is Single Page. Mxc setup tips for selected scanners currently only the Fujitsu fi and fi Note that brightness will have much more of an effect than contrast for black and white images.


How our purchasing and licensing work.

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New ScanTango users will have a starting filter created for them under the Filters tab on the Configuration palette. Paper or documents that vary in thickness perhaps something is taped on the page can trigger the ultrasonic multifeed detector, and it is better to scan these with multifeed detection off. Of special interest might be the new section on how to create and use a custom Quartz Filter for reducing the size of color PDF documents.

Also – while you are in this dialog click on docketoprt “Print” button ma print a copy of your new key for future reference.

As skew angles increase, the resulting image output from a deskew operation degrades in quality. Code that was required to center the scan area in the EOX ScanSnap was not required for the fiC and was causing an error. Fixed a problem that docketprt windows to be moved to strange places on the screen following the initial window resize that occurs after the first page is scanned.

Alestron Inc – Manufacturer Part Number: The DocketPort is a lightweight g mobile scanner that requires no external power adapter. Some PDF operations under the initial release of Sierra are degraded, but we have released this version so cocketport users can resume basic scan and save to PDF operations.

Docketport Sheetfed Scanner A4PORTABLE Sheetfed Scanner – Lorvorundisspol

Convenient “Launch” Button located on the top-right side of the scanner. Cordless Ring Scanner 9P. In order to install, you will need to allow installation of apps from kac developers in your System Preferences, Security and Privacy panel as shown at right.

Note that scanned images are NOT text-based, and therefore cannot be searched. Docketpor the DocketPORT scanners, added a menu item that allows users to specify a delay between page insertion and scanning.


Fixed a bug that caused errors when the Auto Crop filter was used in combination with other filters during scanning.

Canon Soft Scanner Case. Some black and white rotation operations resulted in fractured images – this has been fixed for both ad-hoc and filter-based rotations.

Syscan Imaging DocketPORT 465 Free Driver Download (Official)

Photo – Media Size: Note that this action is only taken for single-bit images read from disk and is not needed for scanned images. The ultrasonic double-feed detection built in to these scanners is supported by ScanTango.

Currently, only the Fujitsu fi and fi scanners have expert settings. Contains a workaround for Apple’s Snow Leopard bug where previously saved 1-bit Black and White TIFF images are automatically and erroneously converted to 8-bit grayscale images when read from disk into memory. This filter – also available for use interactively after scan – can be very useful if you scan documents with mixed-size pages.

Fixed a bug that caused E-mailing of PDF files to fail email attachment would have an incorrect. Previous version could sometimes fail to detect a button press if a palette window was present. The use of filters to compress your PDF files makes it much more practical to use PDFs as attachments to emails and well as saving you space on your hard disks.

When you puchase a tier 1 key, you may use any tier 1 or tier 0 scanner.