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See Intel’s driver documentation for further details. So this commit value must obviously be far greater than the disk spin down delay, that you set previously with hdparm -S. And most dos games run very well under win98 i mean sound. Anyone have a clue what’s going on? Has 3D acceleration available through its ATI gpu under win98! The cover borders around the LCD screen are asymmetric which surprised me a bit but allowed the engineers to gain few millimeter for the thickness of the laptop. You can download the driver here.

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You thinklad can modifify this value on a mounted filesystem: I tested again the supplementary memory module alone. This post has been reported.

Now that the predesktop area is restored, I put back the security level of this area in the BIOS as “normal”, so this disk area is normally no longer visible by partitionning tools.

This option allows gpm to gather mouse event information from the real mouse device potentially several devicesand to rewrite them on a fifo for use with X I found several consecutive partitions, that I extracted into six distinct files:. Last edited by fultontech on Tue Apr 26, 1: Very good keyboard and decent screen. According to these tests, I can conclude that the memory combination is now suitable for a daily thinkpsd of this laptop.


Any suggestions or are these legacy hardware devices for which no drivers are needed under Windows 7? Another touchpad driver could provide a way to maybe enable the third button tpconfig -3?

IBM ThinkPad unknown device Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

Thinkpxd I reinserted the Infineon memory chip back in the supplementary memory slot on the bottom of the machine. So until further improvements, I stay with vesafb, builtin in the kernel. Obviously I’m doing something wrong but This is a regular package shipped in Fedora. So imagine it’s something to do with this adapter or driver. According to your kernel version, you can use airo.

Can not find Network controller driver IBM T41 23732FG

The first one knows about wheel events, so it can forward them properly. Wireless is enabled in BIOS. Message 3 of 8.

Device manager doesn’t find them and I still dont have internet? I can live with this glitch. The machine is still reachable remotely, and you can see that the 3D app process disappeared, and X is using all the CPU time.


Tyinkpad latency screen, a lot of tearing when playing fast-paced games.

The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. I recommend to use Alan Tginkpad patches, because they carry the enhanced speedstep patch for centrino processors. Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone Sometimes, it would connect to a neighboring unsecured network, but this network would still not show up in the list of available wireless networks.

Legacy Thinkpads and DOS retrogaming – Thinkpads Forum

When statistics data are requested from the card, it becomes a lot less stable while dealing with high radio traffic in parallel. In X, when resuming from suspend, the gpm mouse driver is puzzled, and doesn’t recognizes the synaptics device events anymore.

Message 4 of 7. I installed a new hard drive and used the restore CDs.

Maybe Microsoft will fix the problem in a future patch. I added a note about the Ad-Hoc mode, that’s been reported to be broken by several persons. This thread is locked.