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The driver sends all data as unicode and the server needs to convert it for every row. You can request the active sockets with the command netstat. An unsigned applet can only connect to the webserver not to other servers. The SQL Server can only use an index if the parameter data type and the index data type are compatible. You can check the texts and make sure you employ the correct driver version. The data type text is not supported in this mode because the SQL Server can’t convert ntext to text. With the following loop you can concatenate the pieces of the XML data:

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How To Solve: Error in the TDS datastream with i-net MERLIA driver connecting to Azure SQL database

You can check the texts and make sure you employ the correct driver version. The writing connection started a transaction with: You can request tes active sockets with the command netstat. It contains a binary number 8 byte that is unique in the database. For the data type varchar and char you need to use the option charset.


This error message means that for the requested url no driver was registered. If you update the question with more of your config and the code where you make the DB call, maybe someone can spot the problem. If you have a name resolution problem the IP-address for the SQL server can not be identically resolved with the name of the web-server and v.

The possible solution are: A profiler does not calculate the network waiting times correctly. You need to test the performance on the console.

Post as a guest Name. The size of each row is variant. I bought the i-net driver – do I employ the correct version? You can find the same text in the file TdsConnection. I agree with this answer. If you use the command DriverManager. Iinet SQL server and the webserver must be the same. The JDBC tdz is wrong. You can get bytes from a timestamp field that can be read with the methods getBytes, getString or getBinaryStream. With the following loop you can concatenate the pieces of the XML data: Example for connection check:.

Use the following SQL statements instead with single quotation: If you have purchased the driver then you have not replace the driver correctly. If you use the unicode data types nVarchar, nChar or nText you do not need to do anything.


If you use the driver in an servlet. An updateable ResultSet was only create with executeQuery.

(i-net MS SQL Server driver Documentation)

This work only with SQL Server since version 6. Please note that a row lock is like a table lock if the SQL Server can’t use an index. With the default values you can tdds a maximum of 33 sockets per second.

You can make the following test: A solution to this problem is the use of the connection pool with an initial size. If a row is locked then the SQL expression unet wait on this row. You have called a Connection.

No, you cannot get a java timestamp from a timestamp column of the SQL server.