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The Linux-arm-kernel Mailing lists is where the work is actually being done. It will save you a lot of bandwidth and download time: The details of the members are explained below: It is slightly changed, as the atspi driver does not support to change speed or bits per word via the ioctl-transfer interface. Integration of stable kernel updates up to v4. The driver is also already activated. They produce full featured root filesystems with many tools and a comprehensive set of applications.

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All material on this collaboration platform is the property of the contributing authors. Before this move to Device Tree, the information was stored in several C files directly in the Linux kernel code. Using ISI with Linux4sam 6.

How to use I2SC. How to use the Image Sensor Interface.

[v4,5/6] spi: atusart: add driver for atusart as spi – Patchwork

Getting Kernel sources To get the source code, you have to clone the repository: If you need an uImage you can run this linjx step: Use of the High resolution timers option by default Kernel configuration: This means that each v4. Unless you have the need to change the standard settings, you can skip this chapter Configuring the Kernel Activate the driver in menuconfig make menuconfig: Chipselects, which are exported on the PXB are already configured in the kernel.


Connect to LinksToCommunities page. All Linux kernel versions, including latest snapshot or “release candidate” -rc can be easily found here.

In addition to consolidating the ARM related kernel code, allowing the common code to be centralized and better maintained, the Device Tree also bring the possibility to run the same kernel binary on several platforms sharing the same ARM instruction set.

The driver is also already activated.

Keep an eye on this website as it has been designed for instant update. Legacy branch don’t use for new developments. It is necessary to activate the driver. How to configure Crypto driver.

Connect to LinksToCommunities page.

Driver for AT91 USART in SPI mode []

Fri Sep 9 Here is a little summary of the main enhancements: If you want to use one of these you have to set the relevant modalias for this driver and of course activate it in your configuration. We do not want to duplicate information but to link as much as possible to good resources available on the Web. Examples for both are provided.


Remove the temperory code which not support devicetree. Demo Image for all boards.

Welcome to AT91SAM Community Discussions

Switched to a new branch ‘linux This how-to describes how to configure and use the SPI user-mode device driver spi-dev. Take care to not use a value here which cannot be supported by your platform. I2S driver pinctrl driver: Later you can run it like this: Choose with or without screen option, your root filesystem flavor, flash and you’re ready to go: View What links here.

Use of the tick-less system configuration by default Kernel configuration: Preparing the Kernel On some of our products, the driver is already activated, which are listed below: