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Different presentation applications use different keys for these tasks. If you click Show Keyboard Viewer , a small keyboard appears on the screen, which highlights every key as it is pressed. The functions of these keys, as revealed by Keyboard Viewer , are as follows: Check its checkbox to activate it, as shown below:. You cannot do anything there but close it. Thu Sep 14, 7:

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Replace App Name with the name of the application. After saving the private. Email required Address never made public.

The functions of these keys, as revealed by Keyboard Viewerare as follows: The input comes from a specified device A specified application has focus i. After starting the presentation manually, moving back and forth worked instantly.

Do the Logitech laser pointers work with either Macs or the iPad Pro?

Alternatively, you can completely exclude the input devices in question from being affected by Karabiner by unchecking them in logiyech Devices tab, as shown below:. Wed Sep 13, 8: Each element of the “manipulators” array is an object defining a single remapping from one key to another.

For example, I remapped the keys of my presenter to the keyboard shortcuts used by the Google Play Music player running in a web browser. I wlreless want the Spotlight which seems to work with the Mac I have the R and have used it successfully with my MacBook Pro touchbar.


The same instructions apply to any other combinations of presenter and presentation application.

This version is is actually called Karabiner-Elementsin contrast to an older version v A little searching brought me the answer. Make sure to pick the newest version v This basically means that whenever a key is pressed on an input device, Karabiner intercepts the signal sent by the device, checks if it has a remapping r00 for this key, and if yes, changes the signal, and passes it on to the application which is receiving the input from this device.

You need to use a special keyboard mapping program for this, like Ukelele. The above file is specific to the Preview app and the Logitech R presenter. So, if for example, a Page Down is remapped to a Arrow Left in Karabiner, the target application receives an Arrow Lefteven if a Page Down has been pressed on the input device.

Karabiner is a Mac-based tool that allows to remap the keys for almost all kinds of input devices. Notify me of new comments via email.

Logitech r Wireless Presenter • Sven Amann

Put the cursor in the shortcut field and either enter the F5 key, or pres the start presentation button on the wirelsss. This entry was posted on November 5, at What function do the keys on your presenter have? Make sure to choose the Jun 11, Posts: Wirless are commenting using your Facebook account.


Every app on macOS has a unique app ID or bundle IDwhich usually has the form of an inverted domain name, like, for example, com. Karabiner Karabiner is a Mac-based tool that allows to remap the keys loitech almost all kinds of input devices. New Yawk, NY Registered: The presenter works like a charm with Powerpoint for Mac. Powerpointuse the following in the JSON file:. Excuse the dutch screenshots Select the keynote or PowerPoint application and enter the Keynote menu option in your OS language that starts the display of the presentation.

Do the Logitech laser pointers work with either Macs or the iPad Pro? – Ars Technica OpenForum

So, this is not an option for our scenario. Powerpoint, Keynote and the like all know to look for keypresses and pretty much use the same ones. Note that one of my peers also has the same “clicker” and had to make sure that his Preferences didn’t disable his trackpad while it was plugged in what idiot made that the default?