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We are calling this a pre release, but it is very stable. Some drivers are missing compared to ExternalDisplay chemelli – closed. However, I do not have it integrated with my X10 stuff. The computer running the mediacenter is not the same as the homeseer pc. Filter and Sorting settings that are available in all screens allow the definition of individual views for every kind of media. As the X10 remotes use RF technology their operating range is a lot higher than with infrared IR remotes.

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After a lot of work on the TsReader filter from our developer Owlsroost, we can now say that this ‘known issue’ is solved, and the issues related to UNC paths should be fixed!

Besides many security fixes, and changes which are provided by Windows Update allready, it also includes many fixes which were not available through Windows Update, such as an fix for a issue with audiodevices connected by HDMI. You may even enable or disable the colored buttons or borders and the the display of the genre map in the new TV Settings within MediaPortal. The skin DefaultWideHD already contains the necessary skin changes.

X10 Medion Remote Mapping

Fast delete raises unhandled exception. Review by disturbed1 on Feb 23, Version: But how is this possible? Some animated gifs dont work Frodo – Audio player: Filter and Sorting settings that are available in all screens allow the definition of individual views for every kind of media. The development of the plugin has been moved out from the standard Mediaportal 2 development.


The settings also allow you to map colors to genres to customize the EPG according your needs. MediaInfo We updated the MediaInfo.

In it’s current state, it is nothing more than using windows explorer with a background. We also added new properties to display icons of movie awards, extended MPAA text and movie awards text.

I have my main computer in the living room and also use it as a mediacenter. This site meediaportal cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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Perfectly Smooth Video Playback with MediaPortal Audio Renderer Nothing is more annoying than having your favorite actor or actress ‘stuttering’ on the screen because several frames are dropped or repeated to keep the video and audio in sync.

But we’ve already started with the “wide” This release introduces a few changes which should reduce that startup time a bit. Fixed mantis issue We now tried to make the bug reporting easier for the enduser by integrating the MPTestTool. We added some very nice new features to the skin engine.


MediaPortal 2 Summer Release ’15 change log http: Channel and program information was medisportal always updated on TV Home screen. MediaPortal Configuration restructured We have reworked the sturcture of MediaPortal Configuration in order to group the options more logically.

To learn about the changes see Play Music 1. Can not type number in a spincontrol with 4 digits Done by Frodo: Hide search and browse box.

This new file can then be posted to install extensions for 1. Please be aware that this new feature is still experimental, so do not remove DT or VCD before trying! Database song filename and checksum calculation fault when using ‘ character in song x110 Added: Internal radio player does not work anymore Frodo – My Music: MetalMedia weather skin fixes: FM rework Because Last.

Play all videos inside a folder This is a feature many users requested for a long time. We mrdiaportal talking about smooth video playback here, so how is an audio renderer supposed to help? If your plugin references to the MP.