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A good tutorial indeed! I have now tried with the alternative connection pattern you suggested – I get the same error. When you click add JAR option a dialog will open and you just need to choose the ojdbc Javin Paul July 19, at 5: Default service is a new feature of Oracle Database XE. In order to establish a connection to the database using JDBC we need to perform the following steps,.

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JDBC with Oracle using MyEclipse and NetBeans

Similar exception can occur if username and password is specified even empty values in oracle thin wallet connection configurations. Jean Kapeutini Voisin March 2, at 7: Hi Javin, I am new to Oracle as well as Eclipse. When you click add JAR option a dialog will open and you just need to choose the ojdbc Javin Paul July 19, at 5: Thanks in advance Prasad. I’m not sure I get this – why are they bringing out new versions of this driver if it fails on connecting you to the database properly?


Follow these steps, using the command line:. Can you please give some more details?

Make sure you have Java SE installed in you computer. Hello Unknown, SID is oracle specific Id for a database instance and username, password are your authentication credentials to login into database.

For Oracle the class oracle. Javin Paul June 28, at 5: I tried for a connection and successfully connected eclipse to oracle database. Unknown, can you please elaborate? These files must be in our classpath which is explained later under Configure JDBC Driver in Eclipse otherwise we will get some class-not-found-exceptions indicating that the driver was not found on the classpath.

JDBC Oracle Connection Tutorial

JayVeelnCorp I modified the connection string. After clicking on test connection I am receiving below error: Should i specify my class name after o3?

An application involving Java with database to process any SQL statement must follow these steps:. That error is about as straight-forward as you get with Oracle. I can on netbeans but not in Eclipse?????

JDBC with Oracle in MyEclipse and NetBeans

A good tutorial indeed! A friendly DB admin came to the rescue, and found that this is actually an Oracle bug: In order to connect to Oracle database instance, you need two things: How to create a java database connection with oracle using the oracle thin driver but with: Enter the username, password, and sid and you are ready to execute SQL query to Oracle database from Eclipse.


Have you tried anoother conenction pattern like jdbc: ORA when connecting through jdbc thin driver Ask Question. This tutorial assumes the platform as Windows. Anonymous December 3, at 4: Javin Paul September 8, at Manjunath A N August 28, at To create database objects, we must create at least one database user. I’ve created a small test application to demonstrate the problem: