Werewolves In Wisconsin!

The history of werewolves in Wisconsin began in 1936 as a man encountered a large creature towering over six feet and covered in hair. The creature was digging on the side of a road and communicating orally but not with a howl as would be expected, it was described as more of a growl with discernable syllables. The creature went apparently unnoticed until 1964 when a different man saw something of the same ilk approximately two miles away from the first incident. Described a bit differently, the man who spotted the second sighting said that the creature was more like seven or eight feet tall and somewhere between four and five hundred pounds.

When questioned about it, he also said rather firmly, “That was no man. It was all hairy from head to feet.” Another incident occurred in 1972 when a woman in the same area reported a break in at her barn because one of her horses was attacked and slashed. When investigators came to the scene they found a large footprint and the woman’s description of the beast was similar to those mentioned previously: about 7 feet tall, standing upright, covered in hair. Additional accounts of any werewolf related activity went unreported until a 1999 incident involving a teenager striking something on a dark wet road and after stopping to investigate; her car was attacked by something.

After this incident gained publicity, other people in the area mentioned some of their own encounters going back for the last 10 years. After this incident, reports seemed to die down a bit and no investigation has yielded any results. While several different accounts of sighting a large beast late at night, all with similar specific details, have been reported, the concept of werewolves in Wisconsin is still a mystery that is yet to be proven true or false.

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