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These serve to determine the call pricing or duration of an attached device. Hang up to quit programming. CSD up to Choose the one that suits you best. Other advantages of the interface the link GSM 2N EasyGate are easy installation, convenient monitoring and maintenance reliable. The minimum distance of the antenna and pacemakers should be 0. The “0” setting means that the function is disabled.

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Project Consulting Do you need help with a project? In the event of a long lasting pick-up of the handset without dialling a number, a predefined number is dialled automatically.

It also allows you to send and receive SMS messages for better communication with your customers. Supplementary Information This section describes supplementary information of the product.

We are always pleased to offer 2N products to our customers, because we value the high functionality, performance and reliability of 2N equipment.

Terms and Symbols Used 1. Your manual failed to upload Page 46 Voice function 4. There may be exceptions to the rule – a number may start with the same digits but has to morem served in a different way.


GSM connection is reserved for the whole time of connection and calls are charged according to the connection time. These serve to determine the call pricing or duration of an attached device.

Page 50 FAX and Data function 4. This parameter prevents SMS sending in the event of short-time activation.

2N EasyGate Analog GSM Gateway developed (1*GSM)

This chapter also includes safety instructions. Choose the one that suits you best. It is a modem cable where all of the 9 pins are 1: For internet connection is necessary to set the APN of your mobile provider.

Apn setting, Network connection setting, Data connection using usb port 4. It may not be exposed to rain, flowing water, condensed moisture, fog, etc.

2N® EasyGate – GSM/UMTS Gateway – 2N

Version 2 is the older one, it is not produced currently, this setting is only for reverse compatibility. Run the PCManager and select the language for displaying texts on the righthand side. Page 15 Description 2. Deliver your expired electric appliances and battery packs removed therefrom to dedicated dumpsites or containers or give them back to the dealer or manufacturer for environmental-friendly disposal. If there is the other incoming call during connected call it will be indicated by tone.


Table of Parameters Dial tone – cadence Function No.: Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.

In addition, this gateway serves as a full-featured fixed line replacement and even lets you save on calls to mobile networks. Version B is equipped with more memory and offers more functionality. FAQ Are you still looking for more information?

2n EasyGate GSM Wireless Gateway | eBay

List of Figures 6. The Extra tariff parameter defines transmitting of fixed quantity of tariff pulses after call start.

Table of Parameters 3. If a “0” is selected, SMS is sent immediately upon the input activation. Example of Typical Connection.

The minimum distance of the antenna and pacemakers should be 0. You can disable communication in the operating mode, maintaining the special programming mode after power up.