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Items with important information and prompts for operating the printer. Yang Min V1. When pressing the FEED button again, the printer will enter into the configuration setting mode. Block diagram The top side of main control board – 3 In between the marks there should be any objects like graphics or text.

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Do not let them pass by a narrow space or place them in improper position. The temperature of the print-head is detected by means of a thermistor sensor.

Remove the e-ring with screw driver line type. The detector circuits are made up of the following circuits: Therefore, keep turning 2002n carefully observing its movement. Enter text from picture: Be sure to use paper rolls that meet the specifications.

Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 1. After this, the choice is validated by an additional, but longer press of the FEED button 1 sec. Take off the paper near-end sensor modules. Interface Board Assembly The BTPNP printer can be connected to the host computer with a variety of different interfaces by changing the interface board. Its reset pulse should be active low and the reset pulse length should be no less than ms.


SNBC Btp-2002np POS Thermal Receipt Printer Serial Interface Rs232 W/ AC

Hexadecimal Dump This feature allows experienced users to see exactly what data is coming to the printer. Take off the print head module. When using paper with black marks, the printer should be configured accordingly in the Configuration setting function beiang 4. Make sure that the heat sensitive side of paper faces the print head and the rolling direction of paper meets the requirements.

The moving blade might be able to move to its home-position, which enables opening of the top cover, If this does not occur and the top cover is still stuck, than continue with the next steps. A driver is built into the print head.

Remove the beiyajg with a screw driver line type. Got it, continue to print. Remove the two screws.

CRS | SNBC BTPNP Thermal Receipt Printer

If users need the further data about these products, please feel free to contact New Beiyang or your local agents. This will help to keep the print head durable. Make sure that the printer and the computer are turned off before pluging the communication cable, changing print head or doing maintenance to the printer.

Press the plastic shrapnel in position 1 along the direction of the arrow, while rotating beiuang thumbwheel in the direction as shown. Also the escape code GS A can be sent from the host which will print the hexadecimal dump.


Without any paper guide: Do not loosen any screw unless necessary.

The paper with black marks needs the meet the following specifications: Usually, at the beginning of the knob being turned, the moving blade seems to move very slowly. Remove the two screws and take off the paper end or marked sensor module.

In case of such condensation, do not turn on the power until it has completely gone away. Failing to do so might damage the moving blade of the cutter. When encountering a cutter malfunction due to a paper jam or due to an unexpected power loss, do not open the top cover of the printer by force since the moving blade of the cutter might have blocked the cover.

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