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It was during practice that FM lost the car in the fast right hander behind the pits at over mph when the throttle jammed, destroying the car and hospitalising him with burns to his hands and back. Its up there with the Bugatti T35 and Maserati F as the best of competitive tools for the privateer which could be acquired off-the-shelf. As I said earlier the results I have say Patterson did not start so perhaps we lost him on the warm-up lap. In the Tasman Series which followed the month after this race Youl was the most successful of the locals. For many years the car was owned and used in the early days of historic racing in Australia by Stan Rumble. Not the Australian Tourist Trophy but the 19B late in its life in early after a change of Total livery, from light blue to white, here, again at Homestead Corner, Warwick Farm Ellacott.

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The Matich 19B was destroyed at Lakeside inhospitalising the Sydneysider in the process. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Further, like Patterson and Stillwell, he was razor sharp. Moss, not involved in the commercial aspects of the deal at all, righted the wrongs with a financial adjustment in favour of the Sydneysider. Suspension- inverted upper wishbone, single lower link and twin radius rods for location, coil spring damper units, no rear roll bar here.

Stillwell retired at the end ofhe was certainly as quick as anybody on his day and arguably had not quite peaked when he did retire.

All Results of Bib Stillwell

Bib Stillwell in his final and successful Gold Star year Stillwell was awarded an Order of Australia Medal posthumously, in January The bits were plentiful which was just as well as the level of competition stilkwell such that the long stroke donks were being pushed well beyond their limits with spectacular blow-ups fairly common. Six times Australian Hillclimb Champion from to Bib Stillwell founded his business in with the financial backing of his mother Marion, and his burgeoning success as a successful racing driver.


The Intercontinental cars were typically fast Tauranac designs of the period. To create the track they had to tar-seal a section over a railway line and then remove it after the weekends racing to allow the trains to operate the following morning!

Bib Stillwell & Stillwell Motor Group

Car enthusiast Peter Ustinov told an stillewll story concerning Bertocchi. Cooper sold a lot of cars in Australia, Jacks business brain was as sharp as his cockpit skills so it was natural that some of the earliest Brabham production racing cars were for Australasian Formula Libre and fromthe 2.

Lex only had to follow him over the line to win. Many say Stillwell was lucky with all of his four AGP wins, he was too. Bib put them to very good use mind you Kevin Drage. The Stillwell Group is still a Melbourne based family business. Having debuted as a riding mechanic with Alfieri Maserati in the Targa Florio and subsequently being riding mechanic in thirteen Mille Miglias as well as the 12 Hour of Pescara, it has always saddened me that he should die in as a passenger to an American during a trial drive of a modern Maserati.

He is trying to stay cool in the stiklwell Queensland summer heat, lower side panels removed…shot shows the proximity stilwlell the aluminium side fuel tanks containing lots of Avgas…no rubber bag tanks prior to circa Peter Mellor.

With the new 1. Stillwell opened an automotive dealership selling MGs in and subsequently obtained a Jaguar franchise. The result was difficult handling and a ZF slippery diff which etillwell worn out by the races end.


Bib Stillwell & The Stillwell Motor Group

This car does sound just like an F, imagine that in ! Its up there with the Bugatti T35 and Maserati F as the best of competitive tools for the privateer which could be acquired off-the-shelf. There was nothing wrong with the car a 2. The first srillwell the Intercontinental Brabhams.

What follows is based upon the contents of that highly interactive forum, with the ability of so many knowledgeable people to test evidence, the summary of ownership and vib in specification over time.

Down south at Sandown he ran just behind the internationals ahead of Stillwell only to retire with ignition etillwell a rotor button on lap Noteworthy is that these performances were against Lex Davison, Bib Stillwell and David McKay all of whom were aboard much more modern equipment than Youl. Almost a rear view — note the missing engine cover to cope with the heat.

Australian One and a Half Litre Championship. Cooper Monaco Coventry Climax. Shelly was passed by Palmer with 3 laps to go with Matich left out on the circuit with an inoperative throttle, and John Youl also passing Shelly.

Grid positions for the 15 lap final were determined by the results of two heats; Matich comfortably led his until encountering timing problems with his Coventry Climax engine, Palmer took the win with John Youl victorious in the other heat.