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Thanks for the warm welcomes, lets hope they dont turn to cold replies after my 15th How do i?!?!! I can’t believe I’ve been googling these boards for so long and only decided to register today. And I am a very spirited, sentimental girl of wide intersts. Then it became a hassle despite me looking up ways to fix these reoccurring problems. I am Ahsan Ahmed. Looking forward to lots more learning from all of you!

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I had windows 7 but was tired of lagging and virus. I also used slax and knoppix as live cds. Now, I’m no computer expert, I don’t know all the jargon yet! Hello everyone, I register for this forum sincebut never introduce myself.

I googled around and found Ubuntu. Thought I’d say Hi. I believe Ubuntu is by far the best desktop OS. Please note that Ubuntu is highly addictive, once you get used to it, there is no turning back.

I’m not new to Ubuntu, but new to the forum aspect. But that’s fine by me. Oh, and thanks to Favux, who helped me get my Wacom working. And there in the distance, always present, beckoning like these mermaids on the rocks, were the distros.

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Hey all, Had a nose around the forums for a while now, may have even registered a year or so ago I think, lost the name and email etc I said I’d like to be a tiger. Ceea use it for mostly everything, from programming to whatever you can think of! But I can surely say that it’s really nice to be a part of the Ubuntu community.


Now with a new pc built, i thought i’d get it again only this time being As the years unfolded I noticed more and more some of the tactics that MS was using upon the world, monopolies, back door deals, questionable take overs of minor companies, propaganda based marketing, intellectual property copies and in the end, charging the regular “joe blows” of the world to much money for an operating system.

I remember a penguin game you bu4 down the hill on. A few programs work brilliantly, others mediocre, many a waste of time.

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I was introduced to OSS by a colleague from my engineering department, and have been reading about it for a long time. So keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to many happy years of Ubuntu! Looking forward to contribute to Ubuntu systems in whatever way I can SI1 Laptop crea nu4 Windows Vista- 7.

I’ve been trolling the forums for a while now, but hadn’t noticed the introduction thread. Nice to meet you. I love how I can improvise xpp the system. I had an old compaq with a mhz PII and it was so cool to have a usable desktop on such an old machine and no hard drive to boot.


D Apart from Linux, I like hamburgers, hotdogs, pizza So far, I’m loving it. I’m working on my fourth novel and a couple of graphic novels. After seeing Ubuntu being talked about I decided to switch this box.

As I installed Ubuntu on my computer again, I’ve decided to join Ubuntu forums to learn more about the system and it also seems to be a good source hu4 help if I should run into problems. If you have an answer, even better.

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As time passed, I decided to go for a nu boot option while I let the rest of the family get used to the new OS. My other passions include sports, mainly football soccerand music.

Please forgive my rudeness.