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Its actually a cartridge with a mini drive in it. Message Edited by usmsolutions on As soon as the job starts the RD spits out the drive and Backup Exec promptly tells me “Please remove media”, I click “ok”. I receive the same error message. The PowerVault RD’s simple plug-and-play USB connection allows you to backup more than one system, or move it from home to office as you need. SATA II hard drive technology is a reliable, industry-standard for storage, and an ideal long-term and durable media. There’s no need to buy additional hardware.

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If you choose to overwrite tape A, then tape A must be overwriteable, i.

Updated the Firmware on the RD and rebooted all went well! Each removable disk drive cartridge weighs about as much as a cell phone, and is only slightly larger. Removable drive combines the speed of a hard disk with the portability of optical media backkup quick, easy, affordable backups. I am able to create a B2D but want to create a plan that will allow me delk BU and put a new tape in each week without doing anything once schedule and job is created.

Hi Dev, I will check on this info when I get home and remote in to the client. The PowerVault RD functions lying flat or on its edge, and its compact profile takes up xeec little space on a desk, or close to your server, allowing a backup solution that doesn’t require rethinking your office arrangement. This easy-to-use software includes backup protection for Windows user and bare metal disaster recovery on all compatible Dell PowerEdge server and Dell Workstations.


BackupExec Quickstart w/ Dell RD – VOX

Acquisition Cost for an equivalent 80G solution. Hopefully someone can guide me in the right direction. We are getting inceredible speeds on B2D and D2T. I have requested that that information be updated. There’s no need to buy additional hardware.

I think the problem is with the Dell device. The PowerVault RD cartridges are built to withstand a fall from nearly one meter so they are very durable, plus baclup removable disk cartridges are small and lightweight and can be stored offsite for better disaster recovery protection. BUTI would use at least two cartridges, swapped out weekly, and stored off-site so that if your entire building is destroyed, you cna still recover your data.

Information on this can be found in the following Tech note http: I would like the backup to do a fool backup everynight and if the cartridge is full, I want it to overwrite the oldest backup on the cartridge. Bringing this back from the dead.

PowerVault RD1000 Removable Disk Drive for Backup

I have an rd SATA drive. There was one item that we found, that was addressed by the Vendor by way of a firmware upgrade. A tape is a serial device. Compare PowerVault RD to alternative storage options: I created it using the root “R: Plus the PowerVault RD includes Symantec Backup Exec Quickstart software that provides data protection for faster data restores and reduced downtime.


Employee and Student Discounts. There were also two files: I just came across this: How many jobs are going on RD del a week? Symantec Backup Exec Quickstart included with the PowerVault RD provides easy-to-use, backup and disaster recovery capabilities to protect files, as well as all user data to help provide faster restores and reduced downtime. Updated the Firmware on the. It seems that I remember there was a drop down that said never overwrite when I was creating backul backup to disk folder and when you clicked on it there wasn’t another option.

Hard Drive Speed and Reliability.

Same backup job same media. This configuration is fully supported both in Backup Exec 12 and