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They don’t make chipsets and can only work with what they are given. As you can see, running the memory bus at MHz and giving us the extra bandwidth shows us a slight but measureable performance increase. The 3-phase power solution is said by EPoX to improve stability, especially in high speed situations when overclocked. At MHz and above, your memory clock will match the front side bus speed. And at that point the car ceases to be a Focus. AGP supports 1x, 2x 3. I’m guessing the P80P module is expensive and it doesn’t appear on the regular 8K3A for cost reasons.

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Running all the way up to MHz was possible on this board with no other cooling of the bridge required.

EPoX 8K7A & AMD XP 1600- Will it work?

Just how motherboards should be. Overall very fast, very stable and just what the overclocking doctor ordered.

Not as feature heavy as others but I think that’s a good thing for the target audience. That leads us nicely onto a general observation epoc the platform.

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Otherwise layout is wpox. He won it from a radio station. The reason lies in the fact that the Athlon XP can’t make much direct use of the extra bandwidth.

Everything from the AGP slot downwards is where it should be. Starting in the top left area we have the main 87ka power connector and the 3-phase power regulation circuitry and components that feed the CPU socket with power and in turn the rest of the board.


Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic. The ECS is cheap, fast, and stable, but doe not O’c well.

Review: EPoX 8K3A – Mainboard –

Like before, a small but appreciable difference in performance is what we are looking for. The graph just shows the CPU is working properly. The heatsink does the job fine and remained cool to the touch at all times, even under 8m7a.

The PC version is out already??

No souped up Focus is going to going to outhandle a C5 Vette. AC’97 audio via the southbridge is also supported however I’m a fan of proper hardware solutions since I’ve found VIA southbridge provided solutions tend to degrade under high system load whereas a dedicated solution tends not to.

Performance This is the section that most people will be interested in wpox rightly so.

And a Ford Focus just won’t do. There would be no point in VIA releasing a chipset that’s intended to replace the KTA if it didn’t offer increased performance in some areas leaving people with no incentive to buy a KT board. Again, predictably, we get what we expected.

Click to find out more. Results 1 to 15 of VIA have tweaked the memory controller a little bit more since KTA the KT controller will appear in P4X soon so performance at the same clocks will increase by a small margin. This continues, at least on the motherboard in this review, all the xxp up to MHz front side bus where it becomes impossible to run asynchronously from the front side bus speed. Firstly we’ll look at overall system performance in both memory modes 8i7a then finally a quick look at some overclocking.


Results 1 to 11 of So they developed the 3-phase solution for some of their boards to assist the enthusiast when overclocking and also to provide overall stability at stock speeds. A quick note about 8k7s board and an explanation as to why we haven’t reviewed it as soon as most.

At identical clocks, KT and hence the test board will be faster than KT A 60 point gain 8o7a measured over points from some runs doesn’t seem like very much but it happens every time showing you that the memory bandwidth we have extra from KT is helping performance. The addressable bandwidth increases as CPU host clock increases and the memory clock matches or exceeds it.

Onto the memory benchmark figures from Sandra. We’ll need to elox use of other benchmarks to highlight the performance advantage that occurs.