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PayPal and Ebay provide no protection at all if you deal with these sellers, be fully aware of that!!! If you check the website where you bought and check the others website from the other people that posted here you will see that all of them are made in the same way!!! I asked customer service she guranteed that they were from the original manufacturer and if i didnt like them i could send them right back for full refund……. Or go to WalMart. The golf clubs on this website definitely are fake.

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I am more worried than you since I live callawah Malaysia, and anything that is not genuine would cost much more for restitution. Delivery is phree throughout the world. Above Average Golf club has been played less than 10 rounds and is in top of the line used condition.

Counterfeit Golf Clubs

I wonder where oversea is? I have hope that they will get my money back, we shall see.

They were looong but waaay too high for my taste. Okay, so I cancelled the golfwholesalemarket.

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From four to PW are not same as Callaway golf set. I had the opportunity speak with him over the phone. I determined this by noting that at address the labeling on the shafts was visible whereas the genuine Ping clubs have the labeling on the underside at address. I have learned my lesson about buying cheap clubs. There are only minor discrepancies but if you know what you’re looking for they are a little more obvious. I think the FT-5 is a very solid club and will help in flighting the ball lower but the BB gave up little distance and the selling point to me was its forgiveness.


They are out of chicago and I have had many conversations with them via their help line. In which category do you come into? The shaft is chipping away as if the shiny element is some sort of coating and not actual steel. I have bought several clubs from them and they seem legit.

I checked out on that website and not see where it come from. Waiting for your answers!

The bag is prodomenantly black and red, and the suspicioun came when I noticed the font that R9 is written in, the letters are taller. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Do not buy anything from this site. You guys like to spin your wheels too much.

What questions should I ask? When you see many golf cluib sell cheap on any website, that is simple, just click on contact us. I actually took it and hit a bucket of balls. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Do not buy anything. The website was not a secured site and B of A has had to give him a new account number. Fall colors pre peak.

Yes, you will get a confirmation email once payment confirmed or package shipped. My mishits were immediately felt and bit when hit bad they weren’t all that bad. Are the clubs fake?

10 Ways Not To Buy Fake Counterfeit Golf Clubs!

Sign In Sign Up. But yours seems so genuine, I know i can trust you. After further research ive discovered they are fakes.