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After step 3 I am not able to boot my hackintosh. The interesting thing that also is happening is that whhn I play Video or audio files, its unable to play them K, progress is being made Nothing seems to help really. Download sections of this very site or Hackintoshosx.

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It worked a treat! I’ve tested the outputs and inputs Tried updating to the latest kexts. The files on the hard disk wont play at hackiintosh, Not soundwise, but not one bit, the file just sits at 0: The sound output works but not microphone.

Just updated to If video playback freezes when playing videos in youtube; disorted audio when using QuickTime player after adding AppleALC. So to recap is all I need to do?: Thanks for the guide! Anyway to boost microphone?

Realtek ALC AppleHDA Audio – Audio – InsanelyMac Forum

Nothing seems to help really. Thank you so much.


Brilliant guide, thank you very much. The strange thing hackintpsh that when I adjust volume while playing music to test the quality of the static changes with my volume adjustments.

This is how to get Hackintosh audio working

Now that I installed Applehdadisabler. This happens when the version of AppleALC. Any help is greatly appreciated! The hardware alc888 ok tested on Windows. Audio is xlc888, except there is a permanent whistle very disturbing. Some info on what the audio layout ID is hackihtosh and why you might want to use a different ID would be helpful Why does installing v1. My desktop is now in an infinite boot loop now. Did you get this to work? Everything is working in Mojave Getting audio working is dependent on the motherboard not your other hardware parts.

If I go to Windows and set microphone boost to 20db, and go back Hackintosh without power down, it will keep the microphone boost and make the microphone usable. Thanks for the the excellent guide.


The issue with audio is the Microsoft folder in the EFI partition. Thats the one that worked for me. K, progress is being made Prev 1 2 Next Page 2 al8c88 2.

Got any ideas on what could be wrong? I am not able to get my audio working with any method at all. Does anyone know of way to remove the auto sense of AppleALC? This happened for a few days.

I am so thankful. This basic guide wont work for every motherboard, check to see if you have one of the common problems below.